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EUSDR PA9 Project Folder

The added value of the EUSDR and in particular of PA9 has shown concrete results in innovative approaches of cooperation in the fields of education, labour market and inclusion. A clear outcome is also evident in terms of projects. So far, more than 80 cross-border and regional Danube networks, projects and project ideas were started or labelled in the framework of our coordination. PA9 also provides information for potential project partners in order to facilitate the implementation of projects and the development of new activities.


The EUSDR PA9 Project Folder provides you with an overview of on-going and selected finished projects as well as some project ideas for which Priority Area 9 of the EUSDR serves as a common umbrella.


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PA9 Pilot Project Empowering Young People – Connecting Europe
The aim of the project was to support reconciliation and excellence through education and training targeting the youth of the Danube Region. Active citizenship, creativity and intercultural dialogue should be supported through innovative and joint teaching programmes for students in the Danube Region. The project focused on new approaches at school level with regards to students’ empowerment to act as self-reliant citizens and entrepreneurs. Specific attention was also given to making best use of linguistic and cultural diversity in the Danube Region. Through developing an innovative pilot model for school and labour market cooperation in the field of active citizenship, creativity and intercultural dialogue the project ensured sustainability and enabled schools to use this tested approach and established network in the future. The direct target group were teachers and students from 16 schools of the Danube Region from 8 countries.

For further information, please check www.empoweringyoungpeople.net.


Erasmus+ KA2 Partnerships between Danube Region Countries

Source: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/projects/projects-lists