Project Criteria of Priority Area 9

  1. The objectives of the project must support the overall objectives of the EUSDR in general and of PA9 in particular.

2. The thematic scope of the project must correlate with the thematic areas of one or more actions of PA9.

3. In planning and implementing the project all partners involved (lead partner, project partners) must conform to the laws of the European Union and the nation states involved.

4. The project must be for the public benefit, which means that people who live in the project area, profit from the project.

5. The impact of the project should be long persistent, sustainable and multipliable.

6. The project should contribute to the strengthening of the regional identity and to the exchange of information and knowledge across borders.

7. The project should have an impact on the macro-region or a significant part of the macro-region and therefore have a transnational structure, with participants from at least two Danube Region states.

8. The project partners should be prepared to communicate project progress and results to PACs and the Steering Group.

9. The project should include a wide range of relevant stakeholders (incl. NGOs, social partners, etc.).

10. The project should promote an integrative approach with other PAs, where applicable.