Seminar: Learning, Teaching, Exchanging – School Cooperations in the Danube Region

The seminar “Learning, Teaching, Exchaning – School Cooperations in the Danube Region” organized by the National Agency for Lifelong Learning, the Austrian National eTwinning Support Service and PA9 took place in Vienna, Austria on 25 and 26 June 2014 and focused on teacher cooperation in the Danube Region. The participants had the possibility to learn more about the Danube Region and its challenges in the 21st century and to create future partnerships.


The four main pillars of the seminar were:
– Thematic inputs about the Danube Region by experts
– Thematic workshops about school cooperations in the Danube Region
– Training Workshops regarding www . etwinning . net
– Networking and project finding


The target group of the seminar were teachers who teach pupils of age 11 to 19 (all school types).


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*Event (co)financed by the European Union


Jun 25 - 26 2014


All Day
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