Priority Area Coordinators (PAC) Meeting

EUSDR Priority Area Coordinators (PACs) met in Zagreb for two days at the invitation of the Croatian EUSDR Presidency to discuss about EUSDR state of play. The discussion points on agenda emphasized the following:

> the embedding of the new EUSDR Action Plan into the language of various programmes to secure sufficient funding for Priority Area activities in the   upcoming EU funding period 2021-2027

> Priority Area Coordinators’ involvement in the upcoming 2nd Seed Money Facility Call by the Danube Transnational Programme;

> a new system to monitor developments and progress made within the Priority Areas and

> the Working Paper on EUSDR Governance and Management which defines roles and responsibilities among EUSDR stakeholders, as proposed by the Croatian EUSDR Presidency.


Feb 11 - 12 2020


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