7th Danube Participation Day – Youth Participation

The Danube Participation Day gathers representatives from civil society organisations, local, regional and national public authorities, university and research from the 14 EUSDR partner countries, representatives from the EUSDR governance as well as from European and international organisations. The aim is to foster cooperation and participation for better development in the Danube Region. Thus, the Danube Participation Days serves as a platform for exchanging views and perceptions among each other, discussing good-practices of participatory governance and project implementations as well as for getting involved with decision-makers.

The Danube Participation Day is organised by Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation” and the Danube Civil Society Forum together with further partners and funded by the Danube Civil Society Forum, the Baden-Württemberg Foundation as well as Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation”.

Find more information here: https://capacitycooperation.danube-region.eu/danube-participation-day/?fbclid=IwAR1d0Ps2WdJ1Sr7eUZzW85aGSPREdmG9v4kt-OiV3IdE6RuVUsxrZnX5mHQ 


Oct 21 2020


10:00 - 14:00


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