2nd EUSDR Youth Platform “Learning Pathways to Social Cohesion”

The 2nd EUSDR Youth Platform aims at bringing together educators from the non-formal and formal education field, who have already cooperated in common projects, in order to exchange, reflect and value the cross-sectoral cooperation in the Danube Region.


Following the results and activities of the first meeting in December 2014, this years’ event provide participants with the opportunity i.a. to exchange experiences on challenges and achievements as well as inputs in various workshops (e.g. digital activism, radicalisation / extremism and young people in the region, supporting entrepreneurship, capacities of young people …).


The aim of the Youth Platform

  • Promote the added value of cooperation between actors of the formal and non-formal education in addressing the challenges young people face, thus contributing to social cohesion in the Danube Region
  • Explore needs and further steps for cooperation between educational sectors


The intention of the Youth Platform

  • Creating a space for dialogue and reflection to share experiences and perspectives on learning pathways of young people and their relevance for social cohesion
  • Exchanging about the general conditions and specific challenges faced when working in a cross-sectoral project
  • Get new ideas, inputs and motivation for further work
  • Exploring possible funding opportunities within ERASMUS+ and other funding schemes relevant for the Danube Region


Target Group

  • Educators from formal and/or non-formal education field who already did a common, cross-sectoral project
  • Educators from formal and/or non-formal education field who are planning to set up a cross-sectoral project


For further information and / or application to the event please visit the homepage of the event: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/learning-pathways-to-social-cohesion-synergies-between-formal-and-non-formal-education.5589/


The application deadline is 15 March 2016!


May 17 - 19 2016


All Day
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